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Our NEW cookies have great impact! Mike Brady just awarded with 2017 Business Leadership Award. Check out ‘On Inclusion’ A Statement from Mike Brady. Greyston participated in 2017 Peace Ball. Click here to watch Upworthy’s uplifting video of Dion Drew, Greyston Bakery Trainer!

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At Greyston, we create thriving communities through the practice and promotion of Open Hiring™, which means we provide employment opportunities to people regardless of their background or work history, while offering them the support necessary to succeed in the workplace and to thrive in the community. With our 34 year history as a social justice pioneer, Greyston is recognized as one of the country’s leading social enterprises that provides individuals opportunities for employment. Our philosophy fuels community development and a commitment to human growth and potential. With tremendous interest in socially responsible business and growing awareness of the massive economic dysfunction driven by poverty, recidivism and a lack of job opportunities for people with barriers, Greyston is poised to capitalize on these factors by launching the Center for Open Hiring™ as a focal point for generating and measuring social innovation impact.

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