About Greyston



Since 1982, Greyston, the country’s leading social enterprise, has provided individuals in Southwest Yonkers, NY with employment, skills and resources to lift them out of poverty. Greyston’s unique Open Hiring™ Model at the world famous Greyston Bakery embraces an individual’s potential by providing employment opportunities regardless of background or work history while offering the support necessary to thrive in the workplace and in the community. Our spiritually-rooted philosophy fuels community development and a commitment to human growth and potential. Read more about our programs.

A Model for Social Enterprise and Inclusive Hiring

From our ground breaking Open Hiring™ employment practices, the adoption of our Benefit Corporation status and our community development programs, our commitment to progressive and meaningful community ties is at the core of everything we do. Read more about our Bakery and Open Hiring.


PathMaking is both a program and philosophy that the body, mind, heart and spirit must be nurtured in order for an individual to find “wholeness.” We provide staff, residents, program members, volunteers and board members, with the support and resources they need so that they can move down their path and live a self-sustaining life. This in turn, benefits the community as a whole. Read More.

From the very beginning, when I first joined Greyston to work with Bernard Glassman, Greyston has provided me with housing, a job, and professional development to advance my career. Even more, Greyston’s Child Care and After School Programs have enhanced the educational development of the children in my family. I thank Greyston for the wonderful opportunities they offer.

Deborah, Tenant and Enrollment Coordinator, Greyston Child Care

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