Board and Leadership Team

At Greyston, we care deeply about making Yonkers a better place, about setting an example as a social enterprise, and about making great products that provide jobs to our community’s most disenfranchised members. Our goals take dedication and heart and would not come to fruition without the help of each and every member of our board and team.

Greyston Foundation Board of Directors

Joe Armentano

Anthony Bailey

Joan Binstock

Edward Falkenberg

Brian Fielding

Michelle Friedman

Diane Greenwald

Kenneth Jenkins

Francisco Lugovina

Daniel Magnus

Gloria Mirrione

Arthur Murphy, Jr.

Barry Willner

Susan Yoss

Greyston Bakery Board

Deborah Annex

Edward Falkenberg

Karen Kochevar

Michael Sands

Andrew Yearley

Susan Yoss

Greyston Health Services Board

Amy Bennet-Staub

Jean Delaney-Smith

Geo. Anthony Hoeltzel

Greyston Wisdom Council

Howard Berk

Betty Cotton

Alfred DelBello*

Dee DelBello

Janet DiFiore

Michael Dweck

Linda Giuliano

Bernard Glassman

Jerry Greenfield

Alisa White Holland

Lynne Katzmann

Jeffrey Koslowsky

Angelo Martinelli

Ann Pleshette Murphy

Ron Saltz

Greyston Leadership Team

* In Memoriam