PathMaking is both a philosophy and a program at Greyston. It is our belief that individuals can be supported to achieve “wholeness,” a foundation needed for them to find and follow their own path. PathMaking brings attention to the mind, body, heart and spirit. We don’t simply provide a job, or enroll someone in a program and call it a day – we work with every individual at Greyston, whether they are a client, an employee or a board member to become attuned to their own self-worth and move successfully down their own path.

We’ve developed assessment and goal-setting tools, which show individuals how to have a healthy, well-balanced life. This paves the path toward self-sufficiency and enables them to accomplish their goals.

One of our tools, our Personal Balance Sheet was carefully designed to encompass 5 aspects of our Mandala – body, heart, mind, spirit and self. We evaluate each of these areas with ratings so that they can be compared across time to show progress and improvement.

Like the Personal Balance Sheet, our Lifeplan is a goal-setting instrument that helps individuals move forward. We assess strengths and barriers to help identify specific issues, habits and life experiences that aid or hinder positive movement. Anything negatively affecting growth must be addressed before goals (both long and short-term) can be set.

PathMaking provides guidance in continuing education, GED, health and wellness, nutrition, mental health, literacy, personal finance education-budgeting and saving. PathMaking has a ripple effect to the greater community: as individuals become more self-sufficient and self-assured, they become stronger participating members of the community, and the community becomes stronger as a whole.