Success Stories

Over the course of 30 successful years, Greyston’s programs and services have changed the lives of thousands of residents in Yonkers. Here are some personal accounts of transformation that our programs have helped facilitate.


For many years, Greyston has been there for me…not only providing me with employment first at Greyston Bakery and now at Greyston Child Care, but also providing my family with quality affordable housing.  Because of that, I was able to move my children out of the homeless shelter and rear them off to college.


All my teen years and 20s, I was doing wrong….but once I joined Greyston Bakery as an apprentice, all the good stuff happened! At Greyston, I have learned patience, self-discipline and a new attitude.


I came to Greyston Bakery because I needed a steady income so that I could pay my bills. After joining Greyston as an apprentice, I was provided ongoing opportunities to develop my leadership skills, working my way up the ladder.


Working and living at Greyston has been a wonderful experience for me. Not only have I enrolled in college to complete a degree in education, but I am also thankful for the quality housing Greyston has provided.


From the very beginning, when I first joined Greyston to work with Bernard Glassman, Greyston has provided me with housing, a job, and professional development to advance my career. Even more, Greyston’s Child Care and After School Programs have enhanced the educational development of the children in my family. I thank Greyston for the wonderful opportunities they offer.