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We’re Celebrating Prosperity! How About You?

Today marks the first day of Whole Planet Foundation’s Prosperity Campaign and Greyston Bakery couldn’t be more excited. We pride ourselves on having a social and economic impact on our local community, Yonkers. In 2012, our dream of alleviating poverty expanded in impact through our partnership with Whole Planet Foundation. A portion of the sale […]


Another Baker on a Mission Inspires

The best part about working at Greyston Bakery is not necessarily the incredibly intoxicating scent of chocolate baking (though that hunger inducing smell certainly sweetens the day). The magic of Greyston Bakery lies in the stories of our bakery team. Today, we reveal Darren’s inspiring Full Circle Story. Darren has proudly worked at Greyston Bakery […]


7 Reasons You Should be Eating a Cookie Thin Right Now

We have compiled a list of reasons you are absolutely not allowed to feel guilty about indulging in the sweet, crispy, homemade taste of Greyston Bakery Brown Sugar Blondie Crisps, Chocolate Fudge Brownie Crisps and Chocolate Mint Brownie Crisps. Greyston Bakery Cookie Thins elevate our mission of providing delicious treats that enable marginalized groups to […]


Slowing Down and Sharing Time: The True Gifts of the Season

Happy holidays from our Greyston Bakery family to yours! We are in the business of spreading cheer through our sweet treats, and this year, we want to reflect on the cheer within the bakery. We asked each other some questions about traditions, food and general holiday merriment so you could get to know our bakers […]


Fair Trade Ingredients: Another Reason to Enjoy a Greyston Brownie

Did you know we use Fair Trade chocolate, sugar and vanilla in all of our baked goods? People are everything at Greyston Bakery, which is why we consider the impact our brownies have on individuals beyond the walls of the bakery. We are interested in using the finest ingredients. Even more important to us, though, […]


Make a Difference – Eat a Cookie

Food remains one of the best  holiday gifts, especially when it incorporates nostalgic flavors. Our flavor experts have worked in conjunction with our bakers to bring you Cookie Thins that will conjure memories of childhood and delight all who eat them. Join us in welcoming our three Holiday Flavors: Ginger Crisps, Sugar Crisps, and Fudge […]


Turkey Shaped Brownies: Do it Yourself Extravaganza!

Looking for some new ideas to brighten your Thanksgiving table and delight your guests? We’ve cooked up some exciting do-it-yourself ideas that incorporate scrumptious Greyston Bakery Brownies and Blondies you can find at Whole Foods! We are including a few ideas to accommodate the DIY in us all. Some are fun and relatively easy; others […]


Bundles of Gratitude

Greyston Bakery, like all of our supporters, is constantly on the move. We are fortunate to be busy, but this means we don’t always have the time to extend our gratitude. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are stepping back and honoring all the beauty we encounter every day.   ” I am most thankful […]