Available Jobs:

Company: Greyston Bakery 
Open Position: Market and Business Development Director

Greyston is looking for a highly motivated, entrepreneurial, consumer driven marketing professional who is excited by our pioneering social mission and growing our bakery business. Opportunity to build businesses from ground floor and innovate on the marketing of “products with a purpose”. He or she must proactively seek, identify and secure new opportunities and maintain and/or expand our current partnerships focused on demand creation, growth, and increased brand awareness. He/she will be responsible for working directly with our strategic partners and internal cross-functional teams to create and implement brand awareness and new business programs. Identifying, assessing strategic and financial feasibility, prioritizing, and closing on new growth opportunities will be key.

Why Join Us?

    • Pioneer and leader in social enterprise, 30+ years of creating opportunities for people with barriers to employment
      • Mission: We create thriving communities through the practice and promotion of Open Hiring.
      • Definition of Open Hiring: Open Hiring provides employment opportunities regardless of background or work history while offering the support necessary both to succeed in the workplace and to thrive in the community
    • Entrepreneurial environment with large growth potential
    • First B Corp. in New York
    • Intoxicating brownie smells

    Qualifications & Experience:

      • Bachelor’s Degree or MBA in Marketing or related concentration is preferred
      • Experienced in sales, business development, and/or marketing
      • Retail food experience, a plus
      • Non Profit social venture organization or socially conscious organization, a plus
      • Identifies with, and is enthusiastic about, Greyston’s mission
      • Conceives of opportunities and has the financial and strategic skills needed for successful implementation
      • Resourceful, proactive and self-motivated
      • Possesses strong relationship building and negotiating skills, experience in closing deals
      • Keen promotion capabilities (experienced written and oral communicator)
      • Ability to work on cross-functional teams
      • Excellent computer skills, Excel, PowerPoint, Word


                  • Grow bakery sales
                  • Create and Implement marketing plans/strategies
                  • Negotiate deals
                  • Assess pricing models and financial models

                  Job Functions and Responsibilities

                    • Promote Greyston mission, products and services during customer visits and events
                    • Identify and screen potential business deals by analyzing market /industry trends, performance data, insights , deal requirements, market potential, financials; evaluating and recommending best fit based on strategy and financial objectives
                    • Solicit and drive new distribution channels and marketing outlets for bakery products.
                    • Close new business deals by coordinating requirements; developing and negotiating contracts, integrating contract requirements with business operations and goals
                    • Design marketing programs and execute program tactics including product development, communication, packaging and promotions.
                    • Lead cross-functional teams to commercialize all renovation and innovation projects from concept testing, and development to commercialization.
                    • Analyze and synthesize consumer, customer and competitive data.  Responsible for brand forecasting, demand planning and tracking performance.
                    • Tracking and pilot brand advertising and spending in accordance with allocated budgets and business performance

                      To apply, please email your resume and cover letter explaining your salary requirements to: jobs@greyston.org.


                      Company: Greyston Foundation

                      Open Position: Workforce Development Assistant

                      Position Summary:

                      To provide full support and administrative duties for all Workforce Development Programs and contracted recruitments. Responsible for ensuring participant’s program eligibility and assisting with case management, job readiness training and job retention support. It requires initiative and self-motivation, as well as the ability to set priorities, demonstrate good judgment, communicate effectively and be highly organized



                      • Bachelor’s Degree Preferred
                      • At least 1 year administrative experience. Preferred experience in case management and workforce training

                      Skills & Abilities

                        • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Power Point).
                        • Excellent Verbal and Written Skills
                        • Must be able to type at least 60 words per minute
                        • Must have professional telephone etiquette
                        • Must be able to interface with a diverse group of clients
                        • Must be able to maintain clear and consistent filing systems, both electronic and paper

                      Job Functions and Responsibilities

                      • Support Supervisor in all other operations and administrative activities required to support effective development and execution of Workforce Development Programs.
                      • Pre-screen candidates for WD and contracted programs.
                      • Responsible for participant case management and job retention data collection.
                      • Responsible for preparation and maintenance of all program documents.
                      • Create and develop visual presentations, reports, brochures and other program documents.
                      • Provide administrative assistance during in-house training days.
                      • Compile reports (Weekly, Monthly) for Director of Workforce Education, Training and Development and as requested.
                      • Attend meetings, tradeshows and open houses.
                      • Assist with supervising interns and volunteers.
                      • Responsible for graduation and event planning, including “day-of” coordination.
                      • Maintain all department records both electronic and hard-copy files
                      • Gather, research and compile a variety of informational materials for external and internal sources.
                      • Assist with special projects, which may include: planning and coordinating multiple presentations, disseminating information, coordinating direct mailings, creating brochures.
                      • Manage Manager of Workforce Training schedule.
                      • Present summary level data to Greyston Government Grants department, and other internal/external stakeholders as required
                      • Create and edit participant resumes, cover letters, and thank you emails
                      • Keep record of travel expenses in Excel.

                      To apply, please email your resume to: jobs@greyston.org.


                      Company: Greyston Foundation
                      Open Position: Information Technology Associate

                      At Greyston, we create thriving communities through the practice and promotion of Open Hiring, which means we provide employment opportunities to people regardless of their background or work history, while offering them the support necessary both to succeed in the workplace and to thrive in the community.

                      Information Technology’s mission at Greyston is to provide the technological tools — and to provide assistance in using those tools — that the people of the Greyston Mandala use in the various programs providing support to those we serve.

                      In this position, you’ll be engaged in the management and oversight of all Greyston Mandala IT systems at multiple locations. You’ll provide end-user support to executives, managers and social-service, support, and manufacturing staff with a wide range of needs and technical skills. You’ll work closely with the Director of IT to identify, design and implement systems to improve processes and operational policies, and to install, configure, repair, maintain and monitor IT-related hardware and software.

                      Job Functions and Responsibilities

                      • Manage information technology and computer systems in coordination with the Director of IT:
                      • Computer systems – networking connectivity, hardware and software including, but not limited to installing, configuring, repairing, maintaining, and monitoring equipment and supporting the users
                      • Telecommunications systems – networking connectivity, hardware and software, excluding cellular phone systems.
                      • Photocopy, scanning and facsimile systems.
                      • Documenting work related to primary responsibilities 1. Design, develop, implement and coordinate systems, policies and procedures 2. Develop project tracking and variance reports
                      • Providing technical advice and support to end-users in coordination with the Executive and Management Teams and the Director of IT 1. Ensure security of data, network access and backup systems
                      • Working with the Director of IT to identify, design and implement systems to improve processes and operational policies 1. Develop security standards, producers and guidelines for multiple platforms 2. Assemble risk management plans and work effort documentation
                      • Other tasks as may be assigned

                      Educational Level/Training
                      Minimum – Some college-level computer science courses, depending on experience. Preferred – A.S. or B.S. in Computer Science or Library Science with a concentration in Information Technology

                      Certification may not be required, depending on experience. Preferred – SERVER+, MSCE, VCA6-DCV
                      Valid NYS Driver’s License.

                      Minimum – Five years working with varied computing systems in various networked environments, including Active Directory, Citrix Xenapp/Xen Desktop, MS SQL Server, MS Office, and Office 365. Desirable — Experience serving and supporting people in underserved communities.

                      Skills & Abilities

                      • Sharply-honed logical, organizational, problem-solving and research skills.
                      • Clarity of expression in the English language, both written and spoken; especially critical is the ability to communicate technical information to non-technical staff.
                      • Communication skills both written and verbal
                      • Ability to work on tight deadlines
                      • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
                      • Management and supervisory skills
                      • Confidence in decision-making
                      • Patience
                      • Empathy

                      Physical and/or Mental Requirements

                      • Essential – Dedication to the Greyston mission.
                      • Essential – Ability to balance multiple simultaneous projects.
                      • Essential – Ability to prioritize multiple tasks so as to make the most efficient use of your resources, especially your time.
                      • Essential – Ability to work under pressure and to accommodate interruptions while still meeting deadlines.
                      • Essential – Ability to work independently toward achieving team goals.
                      • Essential – Ability to work with diverse staff.
                      • Essential – Ability to understand and execute wiring and other connections.
                      • Essential — Ability to lift 40 pounds to a height of five feet.
                      • Essential — Ability to get under and behind desks and other furniture.

                      Please send your resume to: jobs@greyston.org.


                      Company: Greyston Bakery
                      Open Position: Maintenance Mechanic

                      Position Summary:

                      Maintenance Mechanic is a part of a two person department charged with the maintenance and repair of all equipment, grounds, exterior structures, buildings, and related fixtures and utilities as well as the installation of new equipment as purchased by the company. 5 days per week including Saturdays & Sundays. Requires a 6th day of work in the busy season, from April through September. 11pm-7:30am. (Scheduled 47.5 hours on 5 day work week and 51 hours on 6 days)
                      Plus required On-Call 3-4 days per week
                      Hours may change due to production schedule needs.


                      • Certified Industrial Maintenance Mechanic, Electrical License preferred but not required.
                      • Minimum 7 years in manufacturing environment

                      Key Competencies:

                      Up to date knowledge, skills and experience in the use of a variety of trade practices associated with occupations such as carpentry, masonry, plumbing, light electrical, air conditioning, cement work, painting, welding, pneumatic, and other related trades, and the perform at a high level in these trades. The Maintenance mechanic must maintain up to date knowledge and skills in these areas to be able to continue in this role and must specialize in at least one of the following areas: electronics, electrician, HVAC. They must also be able to lift minimum 75 lbs and work on feet for over 8 hours.

                      Job Functions and Responsibilities:

                      • Repair equipment as needed, responding in a timely manner.
                      • Repair and maintain, in accordance with diagrams, sketches, operation manuals, and manufacturer’s specifications, machinery, mechanical, electrical/electronic equipment, such as engines, motors, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems, and production machines and equipment, using hand tools, power tools, and precision-measuring and testing instruments.
                      • Troubleshoot and repair in all areas related to equipment, facility, etc.
                      o Observe mechanical devices in operation and listens to their sounds to locate causes of trouble.
                      o Dismantle devices to gain access to and remove defective parts, using hoists, cranes, hand tools, and power tools.
                      o Examine form and texture of parts to detect imperfections.
                      o Adjust functional parts of devices and control instruments, using hand tools, levels, plumb bobs, and straightedges.
                      o Repair or replace defective parts
                      o Start devices to test their performance.
                      • Install special functional and structural parts in devices, using hand tools.
                      • Inspect used parts to determine changes in dimensional requirements, using rules, calipers, micrometers, and other measuring instruments.
                      • Lubricate and clean parts.
                      • Set up and operate lathe, drill press, grinder, and other metalworking tools to make and repair parts.
                      • When authorized, initiate purchase order for parts and machines.
                      • Create a spare parts list for each piece of equipment. The list will include: the name of the equipment, the location of the equipment, the spare parts on hand (including part number and number of units in inventory) and where the parts are kept. Responsible for maintaining any spare parts that we have to have on behalf of our outside vendors. They will be listed and inventoried the same as our own spare parts.
                      • Assist in organizing, supervising and controlling the activities of all outside vendors. This means working with the Maintenance manager in scheduling the outside vendors so that they have the least negative impact on production, supervising their work so that we know that it has been completed and completed properly.
                      • Assist in the development of and updating of the Preventive Maintenance Plan.
                      • Responsible for the execution of the Preventive Maintenance program including tasks described in the preventive maintenance schedule.
                      • Perform start-up assembly as assigned.
                      • Perform Daily Walk-through to inspect facility and equipment to determine if any action is necessary.
                      • Must respond to the on call needs of the company.
                      • Strong communication and interpersonal skills that promote effective performance and cooperation with all parties, internal and external.
                      • Other duties as assigned.

                      Please send your resume to: jobs@greyston.org.


                      Company: Greyston Early Learning Center

                      Open Position: Head Teacher and  Group Head Teacher       

                      Position Summary:

                      • Supervise teachers’ aides and volunteers.
                      • Must have knowledge of curriculum planning and implementation
                      • Promote parent involvement
                      • Understand assessment outcomes and observations.
                      • Attend weekly group meetings and participate in developmental workshops/trainings to enhance knowledge and understanding of early childhood education.


                      • Group Head Teacher requires a minimum of Child Development Associate License or an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education.
                      • Head Teacher position requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education with some experience.

                      Please send your resume to: jobs@greyston.org.


                      Open Position: Vice President of People

                      We have an opening for a Vice President of People to manage all of the core functions and programs at Greyston relative to our human capital programs, policies and initiatives. As a critical business partner to the CEO, the Vice President of People leads, defines and integrates the uniqueness of the Greyston culture across all of the people aspects of the organization. This is a mission-critical role that serves as a strategic connector between Greyston and the external support services within Southwest Yonkers. The VP of People is responsible for measuring Greyston’s impact in the community and making human capital decisions for improving the lives of our employees at Greyston and individuals in the community struggling with poverty.

                      This position is responsible for providing, developing and executing Human Resources strategy in support of the overall strategic vision and mission of Greyston. The VP of People will proactively collaborate with the Director of Human Resources to oversee employee relations, benefit plan design and payroll to ensure compliance with federal, state and local employment laws and regulations with respect to all areas of Human Resources, including health care law. In addition, this position will ensure the performance management program is comprehensive which includes succession planning as well as organizational development. Leading talent acquisition and retention efforts are a key role to support the organization’s mission.

                      This position will lead the mission of launching Greyston ‘U’ as the ‘Ivy League’ model of learning of socially responsible organizations. The VP of People will be responsible for growing the PathMaking program to a full, proactive service to employees and the community. This includes increasing outreach to existing and potential participants within the organization and community, enhancing the efficiency of how individuals are referred to Greyston and ensuring the social services partnerships are meeting the unique and changing needs of the employees. This may include, developing, preparing and presenting proposals for funding new programs. The VP of People will strategize and develop partnerships to grow the PathMaking program and will promote the success stories that result from this program.

                      The position also includes supporting the personal and professional development of Greyston employees by developing and promoting the Greyston mentor program which is designed to involve community members with the growth of employees. The Vice President of People will also manage the Human Resource personnel with respect to strategic and proactive hiring, performance management and disciplinary action.

                      Minimum Qualifications
                       Bachelor degree required
                       Master’s degree or Master’s in Social Work preferred
                       10 years of experience in an executive Human Resources and organizational development role in $15-$20M Company
                       5 years of not-for-profit experience at an executive level in developing and executing strategic ‘people’ initiatives
                       Working knowledge of poor and poverty subject matter is a plus
                       Highly motivated and a creative ‘people’ executive with business acumen
                       Entrepreneurial mindset with proven excellent critical thinking and creative problem solving skills combined with sound judgement
                       Proven interpersonal, communication skills with written and presentation skills.
                       Ability to work within a dynamic and challenging environment

                      We invite you to visit our website to learn more about our team and mission at www.greyston.com. To apply, please email your resume and cover letter explaining your salary requirements to: VPPgreyston@gmail.com.
                      Greyston is an Equal Opportunity Employer