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Volunteering – The Gift of Time

Volunteering is a wonderful way to share your expertise and talents with this underserved community, whether as an individual or with your company. Greyston welcomes corporate employees several times each year to work on projects.

Find out more about volunteer opportunities that match your interests by contacting: volunteer@greyston.org.

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Greyston is a great place to work and to gain skill sets in business, community development, childcare and the food industry.


FALL 2015 Marketing & Communications Intern

We seek students with basic knowledge in Marketing and Communications to help us tell the Greyston Bakery story and support the sustainable growth of our business.  Tasks range from developing the Winter and Spring communication plan for the Bakery to writing pieces for and maintaining the Bakers on a Mission blog.

FALL 2015  Sustainability Intern

Intern responsibilities include drafting our Annual Benefit Report, evaluating and tracking Greyston’s metrics for our environmental and social initiatives (ex. energy, waste, community impact), writing blog posts and more. Students with completed coursework in social entrepreneurship, sustainable development or environmental sciences are encouraged to apply. Stipend available. For more information or to apply please contact Kerry at kerrys@greystonbakery.com


What past interns have to say:

“The Greyston Bakery Marketing & Communications Internship was an unparalleled experience. It was the perfect fit for my interests in marketing, food, and social enterprise. From my first day as an intern I was welcomed into the office and given real responsibilities that made an impact within the company. I have a completely new perspective on the business world since being at Greyston; I feel really lucky to have worked for a business that is not only successful, but is also filled with kind and hardworking people who are devoted to giving others a second chance. I know that everything I have gained from this internship will lead me to a career I can be passionate about. If I could, I would do it all again!”
– Sara, Summer 2014 Marketing & Communications Intern

“The Greyston Bakery Sustainability Internship was a great fit for me! I was given real responsibility and I truly felt that my efforts were important to the business and appreciated by the team. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to Greyston’s social and environmental missions and I know that I have gained a lot from this internship, including an understanding of how for-profit businesses can actually be really good for the world. I would recommend that individuals who have an interest in social enterprise and who are prepared to lead several sustainability projects apply; I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!”

– Stefanie, Summer 2014 Sustainability Intern