Community Programs

Greyston is an integrated network of programs providing jobs, workforce development, low-income housing, supportive services, childcare, after-school programs, tenant services and community gardens.

Greyston’s programs assist individuals and families in visualizing and realizing their paths to self-sufficiency. We are a 32-year-old successful social enterprise with a spiritually-rooted philosophy that fuels community development and a commitment to human growth and potential.


Why do we offer these programs?


In the early 1980s, our founder Bernie Glassman realized the challenges that individuals in Yonkers were facing and wanted to make a difference. Even today, Yonkers contains the largest concentration of poverty in affluent Westchester County. In Southwest Yonkers, a staggering 18.5% live below the poverty line. By offering its residents jobs, training and necessary resources, our programs provide a path out of poverty. For individual accounts of our programs’ success, see our Success Stories.