Greyston Learning Center

The Open Hiring™ Model gives kids a chance to be kids- and parents a chance to work



By providing a safe, stimulating, nurturing and educational environment for infants and toddlers, The Greyston Early Learning Center enables parents of very young children to seek employment and keep a job.   The Greyston Early Learning Center coaches and supports parents as they strive to balance getting ahead in their own lives with providing for their children during their most vulnerable and important early years.   To help children prepare for school, the Center uses the Creative Curriculum (aligned with New York State’s pre-kindergarten guidelines and Common Core standards).  To accommodate the schedules of working parents, the Center also offers after-school homework and recreational programs.  Operating since 1991, The Greyston Early Learning Center has served over 2,000 children, helping launch them on a pathway to becoming healthy, secure, and responsible members of our community.


parent 1Parents as Partners

The Center encourages parents to play an integral role in their children’s education. Each week, the Center’s Parent Support Group meets to discuss best practices in child care and to recruit volunteers for help within the classroom. In addition to regularly scheduled parents’ meetings, the Center hosts a large and active group focused on strengthening the relationship between fathers and their children.


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The Greyston Learning Center is located at 68 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10701. The Center is open from 7:30am – 6pm, Monday through Friday. For more information on enrolling your child or partnering with Greyston Child Care Center for your corporate employees, call 914-376-7200. If interested, click here for a pre-application.

To learn more, contact Carol Robinson.