Health Services

Maitri Center

The Maitri Adult Day Health Center addresses the special needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS, including those who are gay, lesbian, and transgender. The Center has been in operation since 1997. Most of those who enter the Maitri program are also diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness and chemical addiction. Greyston believes that healing is a complex process in which the body, heart, mind and spirit all need to be addressed in order to be effective. Toward this end, we support a functional and affirmative lifestyle within a structured healing community.

Health Care

Maitri is a safe place where individuals living with HIV/AIDS can participate in a continuum of services to help them live full and productive lives. Maitri (meaning “loving kindness” or “unconditional friendliness”) offers complete treatment and facilitated workshops for individuals and their families coping with the disease. Staff possess the cultural competencies necessary to cater to many sub-populations of clients, and programming is targeted towards client needs.

As a result of attending Maitri, many clients increase their medical stability (reduced viral loads, increased CD4 cell counts, fewer opportunistic infections, fewer hospitalizations) and social stability (increased spans of sobriety, decreased homelessness and increased housing stability, improved relationships with friends and family).