Workforce Development

It All Starts with Work 

Since our founding, Greyston has viewed employment as the first and most critical piece in an individual’s path to breaking the generational bonds of poverty.  Through our Workforce Development program, we provide individuals with the skills and resources necessary to advance on their personal journey to success.

Workforce development provides hard and soft skills training, financial literacy and tools for educational advancement with a specific focus on skill set development for in-demand fields that offer a livable wage. The program is unique in that we only train in fields for which we have identified job availability. The Workforce Development  builds on 32 years of success in providing jobs via the internationally recognized Greyston Bakery.  Our expertise in workforce development allows individuals to make a successful transition to employment.


Greyston’s Workforce Development program assists adults with barriers to employment: those with minimal education and work experience,  a history of incarceration, drug/alcohol use or homelessness and immigrants with a nominal grasp on English. Clients receive case management, job development, life skills training and entry-level job placement. Individuals who attain employment through our Workforce Development program rely less on government support and gain an array of skills and certifications. These skills enable individuals to obtain jobs that afford greater responsibility and offer better compensation in the future. The program has served more than 200 individuals since its founding. or call 914-376-3900 ext. 200

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