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Change Lives this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for spending quality time with family and friends, covering the house in decorations, celebrating traditions, and of course, holiday shopping for everyone on your list. Here at Greyston, we recently launched our 2015 holiday gift box collection! We have 9 different boxes and baskets to choose from – ranging from our classic […]


An Open Letter To A Friend

Letter shared by Gary, written in Blog Form By Cliff Mitchell, Bakery Team + Marketing Intern Dear Cliff, I have worked at Greyston Bakery for about four months and am very grateful for the opportunity, as it has given me a real sense of responsibility and purpose. I’ve gone through many hardships and made some […]


An Open Letter to My Brooke

Blog Written by Dion Drew, Lead Trainer Dear Brooke, I just wanted to tell you a few things that you might not understand right now. I want to try and explain this crazy world. First, you should know a little about my life. There were ups and downs. I never finished school. I sold drugs […]


Creating Opportunity Through Microcredit

Guest Blog Post By Whole Planet Foundation Digital Media Specialist, Katelyn Gorski Giving people the hand up they need to change their own lives is a goal Greyston Bakery and Whole Planet Foundation share. Greyston provides employment opportunities that provide a gateway out of poverty. Whole Planet Foundation is alleviating poverty by partnering with microfinance […]


Another Baker on a Mission Inspires

The best part about working at Greyston Bakery is not necessarily the incredibly intoxicating scent of chocolate baking (though that hunger inducing smell certainly sweetens the day). The magic of Greyston Bakery lies in the stories of our bakery team. Today, we reveal Darren’s inspiring Full Circle Story. Darren has proudly worked at Greyston Bakery […]


One Baker’s Mission to Embrace Change

Our journey sharing Full Circle stories continues. Today, we reveal Raymond’s story: a true testimony to our community of dreamers and achievers. Through him, we hope you will see the inspirational strength and love that defines Greyston Bakery.Raymond grew up in Yonkers smelling the delicious chocolate scent which signifies proximity to the bakery producing over […]

Team Greyston

Welcome to Bakers on a Mission

  Welcome to the delicious world of Greyston Bakery! You’ve enjoyed our signature brownies in all forms and flavors, from an individually wrapped treat at Whole Foods to your favorite pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie.   Our mouthwatering delights are made with only the finest ingredients. Every bite of fudgy brownie or […]