TED@Unilever was a TED curated event featuring a diverse group of speakers from across the Unilever community. Jointly produced by Ted and Unilever, the event put a spotlight on ideas, projects and insights that will contribute to shifting perspectives and imagining a brighter future.

“If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. I challenge all of you and myself to be part of the solution.”
Dion Drew, Certified Greyston Trainer

Putting big ideas into action sets Greyston apart as one of the world’s most innovative social enterprises. We’ve been making brownies for Ben & Jerry’s for more than thirty years while tackling one of the most enduring social and economic problems in the United States; the poverty and lack of access to jobs for people with barriers to employment. The bakery hires staff through an innovative method we call Open Hiring, in which anyone who walks through the front door of the bakery willing to work, gets hired. Profits from the bakery fuel a holistic set of social services and together, this network of support systems and employment are a force for change in the Yonkers community. We are the first registered Benefit Corporation in New York State and our bakers are on a mission, baking 4.6 million pounds of brownies every year. We’re proud to be one small but key part in the web of companies across the globe that supplies ingredients to Unilever. Take a look at the inspiring talks from TED@Unilever and learn how much we can do together to improve our world.

Read what people are saying about us:

“For over 30 years, Greyston has been inspiring others by redefining the success of business through their transformational business model. By creating access to employment in the underserved community of Yonkers, New York, Greyston serves as a role model within the B Corp and greater business community.”
Andrew Kassoy, Co-Founder B Lab
“I’ve been on the production floor at Greyston and met many of the employees there. I can tell you, there’s no better organization than Greyston in fighting poverty. Please join me in support of this extraordinary enterprise.”
Ben Stiller

Greyston's vision for the future includes exploring how to expand our model and scale our success in addressing inner city poverty and joblessness. As a pioneer in social enterprise, using business to create social good, Greyston is ready to build on its successful model both regionally and nationally. The goal of our efforts is to facilitate the creation of more social enterprises that can successfully address the issue of hiring the hard to employ, by reworking their business model. If you would like more information on Greyston, please reach out at info@greyston.com

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