The Bakery & Open Hiring™

 “Life is what you make it, but Greyston  helps you achieve what you want in life.”   Dion Drew – Bakery Trainer





Our incredible team of bakers crafts 35,000 lbs of decadent brownies a day.

The cornerstone of Greyston’s success if our team of bakers making brownies everyday in our world-class facility. Through Open Hiring™, we fill jobs without asking any questions. A collaborative approach, the Open Hiring™ Model demonstrates how businesses, communities and local governments can work together to everyone’s benefit. Generations of poverty and unemployment can be reversed. A single individual’s ability to find and keep a job can have a profound repercussions throughout a community: inspiring hope in families, neighborhoods and among local businesses.



Here’s how it works: 

Anyone that comes to the front door of our bakery is given the chance to work, no questions asked. When a job becomes available we hire the next person on our waiting list. During the apprenticeship period, our employees learn baking and employment readiness skills. And, we offer Community Gardens, Workforce Development, Environmental and Cultural Education and an Early Learning Center to create a truly thriving community.  To learn more about Open Hiring™, contact Karen Tumelty.



Eat Brownies. Change Lives.

Enjoy Greyston Brownies at your next event!

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