Meet the Team Behind our Award Winning Cookies

Our new Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Harvest Cookies taste incredible (Harvest just won a Gold Sofi Award for best tasting cookie!) AND they mean a lot to our team. Every purchase enables us to provide jobs and resources to individuals with barriers to employment through Open Hiring™.


Taurean Cookies

“I’m so proud I was part of the team that developed Greyston’s new line of cookies. What an honor to be baking a Sofi Gold Award winning Harvest Cookie.” – Taurean



Celia and family, cookies

“Every  treat we bake at Greyston makes it possible for people like me- who  needed a first or second chance in life-  to come to work every day and make our families proud.” – Celia


Alanah Harvest Cookie

“When I started at Greyston as a baker over a year ago, I would not have guessed I would be promoted to Quality Assurance technician. I’m proud to share the brownies and, now, cookies that make all this possible with my daughter, family and friends.” – Keith


Maria Santiago, Harvest Cookie Need Permission Before Use

“Greyston is a family. A year after I started at Greyston, I encouraged my mom to join the team as well. I hope these cookies help us create more opportunities for people who want to work.” -Maria




Try the Chocolate Chunk and Harvest Cookies at Whole Foods® Market now!