Ben & Jerry’s


When Ben Cohen and Bernie Glassman originally met in 1987, no one could imagine that their friendly conversation was the catalyst of what someday would be one of the most successful partnerships in social innovation. Greyston Bakery and Ben & Jerry’s have jointly achieved substantial growth as leaders in the field of corporate accountability and sustainable social impact.



Values Led Sourcing

Ben & Jerry’s pioneering Values Led Sourcing program ChocolateFudgeBrownieUS4 - Updated pint-1ensures purchasing decisions within the company align with Ben & Jerry’s mission and core values in order to make ice cream that’s a force for positive change. Greyston Bakery is proud to be a Values Led Supplier for Ben & Jerry’s, aligned with their goals to promote economic opportunities for the disadvantaged, use sustainable environmental and agricultural practices, and promote peace and justice.

Linked Prosperity

Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc. was founded in 1978 on a belief in “linked prosperity” an idea that as a company grows the benefits reach employees, the community and all participants in the supply chain, not just shareholders. Greyston’s ability to contribute to society is born from a relationship with Ben & Jerry’s that has lasted for over 25 years.

We are proud to announce our fudge brownies will now be featured in Ben and Jerry’s newest flavor “Empower Mint!”



Greyston has been inspired by the prolific efforts of Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan and Ben & Jerry’s linked prosperity. These companies continue to demonstrate that a supply chain with shared values is good for business and good for the consumer.