Meet Our Bakers

Meet Some of Our Incredible Team

Shay img_2327

Shay joined the bakery team two years ago, after having searched for a job for days on end. She felt defeated when companies refused to look past her record to see the talented, hardworking woman she is. Shay was just promoted to Lead Operator of our Small Bakery and took on a Marketing Internship to learn the ropes of the business.



Meme started working at Greyston Bakery about a year ago. After moving to the United States from Sierra Leone to provide necessary health services for her daughter, Meme had trouble finding work. Her language barrier proved particularly difficult. Meme is now proud to be a part of the Greyston family, to bake the best brownies in the world and to provide for her children.



Dion has been with Greyston Bakery for over seven years. He is now a Bakery Trainer and has represented Greyston as a speaker at several events. Currently he enjoys spending time with his family, especially his  daughter. Though prior to joining Greyston Dion had numerous run-ins with the law, he has now transformed his life for good and works everyday to inspire the other bakers at Greyston.